Part Worn Tyres

Save yourself a small fortune with our part-worn tyres

We Sell Used (Part-Worn/Secondhand) & New tyres

Since the main part of our business is scrapping cars and vans, we always have a huge quantity of part-worn tyres in stock. Our prices start from as little as £15 and we’ll also fit them for an additional £5 per tyre.

How much could you save?

If you pop down to your local new tyre dealer, you’d expect to pay something in the region of £60 for a single tyre for a modestly sized family car. Even including fitting, you’ll only pay £20 with us for the same vehicle. That’s a saving of £40 per tyre. Obviously, if you have all four tyres replaced at the same time when you visit us, that equates to a substantial saving of £160.

Contact us today to see if we have your size.

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