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If you live in Tilbury RM18 and need cash for your scrap car, deal directly with Ace for the best price. If you think your vehicle is worth more or just have a question, contact us now.

Scrap my car Tilbury – Tilbury scrap vehicle collection

Welcome to Ace Breakers, your fast, friendly and reliable scrap car collection service covering Tilbury RM18. We offer an environmentally friendly scrapping service for End of Live Vehicles (ELVs) and we’re also a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that deals exclusively with scrap cars and vans.

Why should I scrap my car with Ace?

If you’re thinking, “why should I scrap my car with Ace”, here’s why. Established in 1978, we have a dedicated team who are professionally trained and educated on the legal and environmental aspects of ATFs and ELVs. We make sure we offer the best possible service and have a ‘best price’ guarantee for end-of-life scrap cars and vans and we’ll collect any car in Tilbury, no matter the condition. We’ll issue you with legal documentation (a Certificate of Destruction) and provide assistance with all of the DVLA paperwork if required. As you’d expect, Ace Car Breakers is Government and DVLA approved.

Can you pay me in cash for my scrap car?

Due to changes in legislation back in 2013, the law doesn’t allow any scrap metal company to pay you directly in cash for your scrap car in Tilbury. However, we can provide immediate payment in the form of a cheque or bank transfer instead, allowing you to draw out the cash shortly afterward. If you find another company that’s offering you cash for your car, you should think twice before using them as all legitimate companies simply won’t do this.

We cover:

RM18 – Tilbury, East Tilbury, West Tilbury

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Scrap my car Tilbury RM18

Scrap my car Tilbury RM18

Scrap my car Tilbury RM18

In business since 1978

We started trading back in 1978 just across the river Thames not far from Tilbury as a car and van scrapyard. Nowadays, we specialise in scrapping cars and vans and also sell car parts, as well as sell part-worn tyres and car batteries.

We’re not a scrap car agency and we’re not middlemen, you deal with us directly. As such, we’re able to pay the best price for your scrap car or van in Tilbury RM18 Essex. Why not fill out the form at the top of the page and see for yourself?

Fascinating Tilbury facts

You don’t have to have a degree in geography to realise how important the area of Tilbury is (and historically was) as a strategic port for seafaring trade. Because of its importance, protecting it was essential.

This is reflected in how Tilbury got its name. It comes from the nearby settlements of East and West Tilbury which, in Saxon times, meant ‘burgh’ or ‘fortified (or lowland) place that belongs to Tila’. As is often the case over the passage of time, place names change. Tilbury is no exception; In the 8th century, it was spelled ‘Tilaburg’ and later, it was recorded in The Domesday Book as ‘Tilberia’. Today, we know it as plain old “Tilbury”.

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