Our Terms and Conditions

Things you need to know when scrapping your vehicle through Ace Breakers Ltd.

Our Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions you can contact us for more information

All of the Terms and Conditions that appear on this website can be altered, amended and changed by Ace Car Breakers at any given time. We advise that prior to using this website that you kindly read all of the terms and conditions and fully understand that you are bound to what is outlined clearly on this page. Please adhere to check these Terms and Conditions each time you visit the website as, like previously stated, Ace Car Breakers reserves the right to alter, amend and/or change them.


The website provides an instant quote generated by the registration of the vehicle. The vehicle’s value is based on the current ferrous metal market and all of its ancillary components.

Ace Car Breakers reserves the right to refuse and/or amend any quotes that do not comply with the following requirements:

  • The vehicle must be complete. This means that the catalytic converter, battery, wheels, engine, gearbox and all body panels are present on the vehicle. If any of these parts of the vehicle are missing Ace Car Breakers reserves the right to reduce the quotation in accordance to what we deem the price of the missing part to be worth.
  • The vehicle must be aged no later than 1993. This is the year in which catalytic converters were introduced to vehicles to help reduce emissions. Catalytic converters contain precious non-ferrous metals which prices are included into your quotation upon you entering your registration. If your vehicle is earlier than 1993 we will price your vehicle in accordance to the current ferrous metal market price based on a weight per tonne pricing scheme.
  • We retain the right to refuse a quotation that you have received if the vehicle is not described correctly to us. This may mean that you have received a price and when we contact you regarding the quote you then inform us that it has a number of things missing. Another instance that this may occur is when our driver is collecting the vehicle and there are things missing which has not been mentioned to us upon acceptance of the quote. Ace Car Breakers guarantees all quotes and will not alter the agreed price if the quote has been done correctly.
  • Ace Car Breakers are fully within their right to change their prices whenever they feel necessary. This could both be in reducing or increasing the prices that they are prepared to pay for vehicles. The price of ferrous metal can change daily, weekly or monthly and for us to remain a profitable business we must run parallel to these markets.
  • From the moment the quote is processed the customer has 24 hours in which to either bring their vehicle to us or to book it in for recovery. If this does not happen the customer will need to retrieve a new quote and we are not prepared to honour any quote for longer than this time period.


  • Keeping in accordance with current laws Ace Car Breakers requires a form of I.D when we collecting a vehicle or you are delivering it to us. The forms of I.D that are accepted are photo card driver’s license OR passport (No more than 3 months out of date) and a utility bill to provide a proof of English address. If we are not provided with I.D Ace Car Breakers will not be able to buy your vehicle as we would be breaking the law.
  • On the 1st December 2013 the Scrap Metals Dealers Act was passed which outlawed the payment of cash for scrap metal. All payments made to customers for their vehicle will either be made my company cheque or bank transfer.

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