Scrap Metal Skip Hire in Kent & SE London

If you need to hire a skip or RoRo bin for your scrap metal in Kent or South East London, you won’t need to pay us – we’ll pay you

Scrap metal is a valuable commodity so why go to the time, trouble and expense of having to arrange the disposal of it yourself? Established in 1978, Ace Breakers are one of south-east England’s leading metal recycling facilities who are here to help you streamline the process.

Whether it’s a one-off load or a steady waste stream of unwanted surplus metal that needs removing, we can help. And, we’ll actually PAY YOU for allowing us to do so.

Environmental Agency Approved

We are Environmental Agency approved, holding both an ATF and Waste Transfer License.

How it works

We generally provide two different sizes of scrap metal skips for you to hire; a standard 12-yard skip or a larger 40-yard RoRo (roll-on, roll-off) bin. If you’re not sure what size is right for you, we’re happy to help you decide. We then deliver it to your premises in Kent or South East London where you simply fill it up with your scrap metal as and when you need to. Then, simply let us know when it’s full and we’ll arrange a convenient time to collect it.

The skip is returned to our depot in Northfleet, Kent and the contents are weighed on our weighbridge. Depending on the type of metal, we then pay you an agreed amount per tonne (or part thereof). If a skip or RoRo isn’t suitable for the job, we can also offer scrap metal collections by van as well.

Kent and SE London's leading scrap metal skip hire company

Skip exchanges

When you tell us your scrap metal skip is full and needs collecting, let us know if you’d like an empty replacement delivered at the same time. This is perfect if you don’t want any interruption in the ability to dispose of your unwanted metal.

Wait and load

We do offer a wait and load service on a case by case basis with wait/loading time to be agreed in advance.

What types of businesses do we deal with?

This ranges from large factories that have a constant stream of waste metal created by their manufacturing/production process all the way down to one-off ad hoc jobs such as a small construction company undertaking the removal of an old metal outbuilding or even larger factory clearances where old and obsolete metal machinery needs to be removed fast prior to demolition work.

We deal with a broad range of everyday businesses such as building/construction companies, plumbers, car garages, body shops, demolition contractors and the like and are happy to chat to you regardless of whether it’s a one-time service enquiry or a longer-term, repeat business enquiry.

Covering all of Kent and parts of South London

As we’re based in North West Kent, we’re happy to deliver and collect your scrap metal skip throughout the entire county. We’re also within easy reach of South East London too, so are happy to travel further into London if that’s where you’re located.

What types of metal will we collect and pay you for?

The simple answer is that ALL metal is valuable to us so we’re happy to collect and pay you for any ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Common examples are steel, iron, aluminium, copper, tin, brass, lead etc.

How much will my filled skip be worth?

This depends primarily on two factors – The types of metal it contains and the current market (spot) price of the metal. As an obvious example, one tonne of copper is worth considerably more than a tonne of iron so we’ll pay you a much higher price if the metal inside is more valuable. The price can also be affected if the metal is mixed and will therefore need to be sorted prior to recycling.

Do you provide other, more general types of skip hire?

No, we don’t undertake general skip hire as we deal solely with scrap metal.

Find out more

To find out more about our scrap metal skip hire service, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific requirements.

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