Scrapping Your Car or Van? - Here's How It Works

There are 10 simple steps that we follow when scrapping your car or van. Find out more here

The process of scrapping your car from start to finish

We specialise in scrap car recovery, serving locations all over Kent and South-East London. Our entire team is committed to ensuring and upholding client satisfaction. We deal with all of our clients direct, cutting out the middleman. We pay competitive prices for cars, with a best-price guarantee. All prices that Ace Car Breakers quote for vehicles are 100% guaranteed and valid for 48 hours.

London ULEZ Scrappage Scheme  2023

As as licensed ATF, we’re also able to scrap your vehicle if you live within a London Borough and qualify for the scheme. We will be able to issue you with the required Certificate of Destruction if your application has been approved

Vehicle valuation

We value your complete vehicle based on its weight in comparison to the market value of the metal at the time. This is done automatically via our Quote Generator which is regularly updated by a universal scrap metal database. We also give extra money for alloy wheels and your catalytic converter.

Incomplete cars

We have a weighbridge at our scrapyard where we can accurately weigh your car. We then pay you per-tonne of metal for your vehicle. This price is regularly updated and can change due to the constantly fluctuating price of scrap metal. Call us for more details on how to scrap your incomplete vehicle on 01322 363 383

Information we require

We do require some information from you to scrap your vehicle. Firstly, we’ll need your ID, which could be your driving licence or passport and we may also require proof of address. Your bank details may be requested in order to make payment or alternatively, we can give you a cheque.

Ace Car breakers adhere to current GDRP. Click to read our privacy policy.

The 10 steps

The process of us collecting your vehicle to it being crushed and recycled is very straightforward and consists of 10 steps:

  1. A quote for the vehicle provided
  2. Time and date of collection confirmed
  3. Payment method confirmed (bank transfer or cheque)
  4. The driver collects your vehicle and provides you with a receipt
  5. Section 9 of your logbook OR an authorisation form is completed
  6. The driver issues you a cheque OR same-day bank transfer made between 3-4pm
  7. Your vehicle arrives at our ATF
  8. We do all the DVLA paperwork
  9. Your car is depolluted
  10. Your car is crushed and recycled

The most important person in this whole process is the customer so, at anytime, Ace Car Breakers can offer advice and assistance in the removal of your vehicle. If you have any concerns or questions that haven’t been addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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