It’s one of the questions we’re most commonly asked and is the reason why it appears at the top of our FAQs page. So, if you’re wondering if you can still scrap your old, unwanted vehicle without its V5C (more commonly know as the logbook or V5), the simple answer is YES.

Why you might not have your V5

If you’ve owned your vehicle for quite some time, it’s easy to lose or misplace your V5C. Maybe you’ve moved home and have inadvertently thrown it out or perhaps you’ve stored it away for safekeeping and then forgotten where you put it. It could even be that, unlike your homework from your school years, the dog really DID eat it!

Whatever the reason, the process of disposing of your unwanted vehicle without the logbook (log-book) is still fairly straightforward, although not quite as simple as still having it in your possession.

Will my local scrapyard think I’ve stolen the car?

No, not at all. Losing the logbook for a car is far more common than most people realise so your local scrapyard won’t automatically assume there’s some other shady reason for not having it at the time of scrapping. You won’t be looked upon as a suspected car thief nor will you be interrogated under a bright light!

Do I need to apply for a new V5 to scrap my car?

No, you don’t. Of course, if you’re prepared to wait, then you can apply for a replacement V5 logbook if you prefer. However, aside from the hassle of doing so and the time you’ll have to wait for a replacement to arrive, it’ll also cost a rather hefty £25 (correct at time of writing) to get your duplicate issued. You’ll also need to provide the:

  • registration number of the vehicle
  • VIN/chassis number of your vehicle
  • name and postcode registered on your log book

What’s the process of scrapping my car without a log book?

It’s very easy to do if you already have your log book and is only very slightly more involved if you don’t. Although the process can vary a tad between different vehicle recycling companies, here’s how we do it at Ace Breakers:

  1. The person present at the time of collection will have to provide photo I.D. and the registered keeper will need to inform DVLA in writing. We’ll need some details from you; your full name, current address, contact number, vehicle registration and vehicle identification number (VIN). You’ll then need to print, sign, date and time the form.
  2. The DVLA need to know that the car has been sold to Ace Car Breakers Ltd. for scrap – If required, we can provide a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) by using the chassis number of the vehicle.
  3. We can complete a ‘no logbook’ authorisation form for your scrap vehicle. This document gives us permission to scrap it without a logbook.

As you can see, this process will only involve a little more paperwork but is fairly straightforward and it’s important to reiterate that you’ll need to write to the DVLA detailing that you’ve sold your vehicle to us.

A couple of final thoughts

Most reputable scrap car companies don’t charge you a fee if you want to scrap your car without a logbook. If you’ve received a quote elsewhere and have been told that not having a log book will cost you extra, either walk away or be careful when dealing with them.

Lastly, and although it may sound blindingly obvious, don’t forget to cancel your car insurance once your vehicle has finally bitten the dust 🙂

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