Beginning the final journey

Scrapping your car isn’t just about saying goodbye to an old friend; it’s also about doing so in a practical way without leaving anything to chance. Whether your car has been your trusty companion for many years or just a short-term acquaintance, here are a few essential tips to prepare for a seamless and hassle-free scrapping experience

Your personal belongings

We may be starting with the most obvious here, but you’d be surprised at the amount of personal belongings we find inside the vehicles we collect. So, before you hand over your car to Ace Breakers, make sure you remove all personal items.

Over the years, cars become mini storage spaces for our belongings so ensure you’ve retrieved everything from that forgotten CD in the glove compartment to the phone charger in the console. Be mindful that once the car reaches our scrapyard, retrieving these items can be challenging so please check all spaces thoroughly e.g. under the seats, in the boot, the glove box, door compartments etc. If you want to remove additional non-standard items or other aftermarket modifications that you’ve bought (such as a bespoke sound or infotainment system) then that’s fine. Also make sure that, from a data security/privacy perspective, that you any personal data from items left in the car is erased.

Please be aware that if you remove standard stuff like the car’s wheels, exhaust, gearbox etc. then you must tell us first, as this affects the price we offer you.

The paperwork

Gather all necessary documents. This includes proof of ownership, photo ID, and proof of address. Whilst having the logbook (V5c) in your possession isn’t essential, it makes the process easier if you have it. Bear in mind that you won’t need to provide all documents such as the car’s service history and old MOTs; only the documents to prove who you are and that you own the vehicle.

Choose a scrap car company with a good reputation

Selecting a trustworthy, reputable and reliable scrap car company is crucial. By all means, research and compare quotes from different companies and look for ones that offer competitive prices and additional services like home collections and a better price for alloy wheels. Also make sure that the company you choose has good, genuine reviews (we currently have over 200 Google Reviews) as this is a great indicator as to what level of service you can expect.

Personalised license plate removal

Although not overly common, some vehicles have a personalised plate. If your car does, it’s best to remove it before scrapping. These plates often hold sentimental and monetary value and can be transferred to another vehicle fairly easily.

Petrol/diesel recovery

This tip is certainly not suitable for everyone but some of you may want to keep/transfer the fuel from the car you’re scrapping. If this is the case, you’ll need to SAFELY siphon it out or use another method to drain the fuel tank. Obviously, it’ll need to be handled and stored safely and we suggest that this is ONLY carried out by those who are able and qualified to do so.

Responsible and legal scrapping

Choosing a company that adheres to environmental and government regulations is crucial. This ensures that your car is scrapped in an eco-friendly manner that meets current regulations with the necessary licenses.

Pre-scrap car checklist

Make a final inspection and conduct a checklist of your car just in case you’ve missed anything. This isn’t just about removing personal items or rubbish, it’s also about ensuring that the car is ready for its final journey. Doing so will also give you peace of mind that you haven’t overlooked anything.

Understand the value of your car

Even though they may weigh the same, some cars will have a higher value than other comparable but cheaper makes. For example, we may be able to offer you a higher price than quoted if you have a BMW or Mercedes with an original catalytic converter as these are worth more to us than cheaper models. Also, certain parts may have more value such as certain engines, and gearboxes. And, not all companies will guarantee to pay you extra if your car has alloy wheels – We do. In short, ensure you’re getting a fair deal based on the car’s condition and components.

Road tax and insurance

Of course, you’ll want to cancel both the tax and insurance as soon as you can. Just make sure you don’t do it UNTIL the car is gone. If it isn’t SORN and is on a public highway, it’ll need to be both taxed and insured to remain legal.

Final thoughts

Scrapping your car is often more than just a transaction; it can also be an emotional rollercoaster ride too, and, by following the above steps, you’ll help to ensure that it’s a smooth and legal process, whilst also giving your car the send-off it deserves.

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