If your car is on its last legs and you’re just about to trade it in for something newer, think twice before handing it over to your local car dealership as a trade-in/part exchange. Typically, the dealer won’t want it on their forecourt so they’ll simply call us and arrange for us to collect it and scrap it instead.

It goes without saying that many car dealerships that sell new or second-hand cars will try and entice prospective customers by offering to take their old cars off their hands. Whilst this is certainly a convenient option that saves the customer the hassle of figuring out how they’re going to sell it, it might not be the best option from a financial point of view.

Dangling carrots

Sure, it’s great if the dealer is paying you a price that’s way above what the car’s actually worth, but are they doing it out of the kindness of their heart? Probably not. You’ll often find that the markup on the car you’re thinking of buying will cover the cost of offering you a bit more for your old car.

Although this is absolutely fine (we all have to make a living!), it may pay to be prudent to try and negotiate a bigger discount/better price on the newer vehicle that you’re interested in. The reason being that the dealer probably doesn’t want your old car anyway and is just using it as a bargaining chip, so they may be prepared to lower their asking price for the car they’re selling if they don’t have to deal with scrapping your existing car themselves.

Knowledge is power – Get a quote from Ace first

Regardless of what choice you end up making, it’s better to get a quote from Ace for your old car BEFORE you start haggling with your local car salesman. Even if you do decide to accept their part-ex offer, you’ll be in a far better position to negotiate if you already know what your old car is worth. Especially as many dealers will actually offer you LESS than we’d pay you for your old car so you could end up losing money if you trade it in rather than scrap it yourself.

Quick, easy and no hassle

If you’ve never scrapped a car before, you may be thinking that it takes time and involves lots of paperwork but this certainly isn’t the case. We take care of all this for you and we’ll also pay you immediately upon collection. So, make sure you get a quick quote from us first before rushing headlong into a part exchange deal that could end up leaving you out-of-pocket.

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