Unlike many of the bigger agencies that offer a scrap car service, we actually deal with the depollution, crushing and recycling of all the cars that come through our gate. As we don’t act as “middlemen”, you not only benefit from dealing directly with us instead of a third-party, you also benefit from getting a top price in Basildon for your old car or van.

So, rather than just making such a claim, let’s give you a couple of real-world examples that apply right now at the time of writing this post, just to prove our point:

Example no.1 – You have a small car; let’s say it’s a 2004 1.2 litre Vauxhall Corsa Design and you want it collected because it failed its MOT or the engine has seized on it. Now, you probably wouldn’t expect too much money as it’s a relatively small car, but did you know that we’ll pay you a whopping £200 for it?

Example no.2 – You drive a 2002 BMW X5 D, that’s too expensive to repair, insure or run. Regardless of whether it’s even running or not, we’ll still pay you £300 for it.

Free collection – Any condition

Car Scrappage Scheme 2020

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter to us if whether your vehicle is running, broken, accident damaged, rusty or has a valid MOT; we pay the same price regardless. And, on top of all that, we’ll even come and collect it from your home or business in Basildon FOR FREE.

Instant payment for your car or van

When we collect your car or van from Basildon, we’ll be able to take care of the paperwork with you there and then and pay you straight away. You won’t have to wait weeks on end for any paperwork to go through or any other delays.

Well established and trusted business since 1978

As the law doesn’t permit us (or any other vehicle recycler) to pay you in cash, we’re legally required to use other means to pay you. This is either by cheque or we can arrange a bank transfer if you prefer. So, in case you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll get paid, why not take a look at our feedback and decide for yourself. We have well over 100 Google Reviews that clearly demonstrate that we’re a reliable and trusted company. We’ve been around since 1978 and have worked hard to build up a reputation as a responsible and reliable company that local residents on both sides of the river can trust.

Why not see how much your car is worth?

We’ve only provided a couple of examples in this post so, assuming your car is a different make or model and you live in Basildon, Essex, why not run it through our free scrap car price quote system now to see how much it’s worth? We’re confident it’ll be more than you think!

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