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Monday 20th May – Your Local Scrap Metal Merchant

We are a local Metal Merchant and treatment facility for End of Life Vehicles, situated in Swanscombe, Dartford Kent. We specialise in Scrap car recovery and ferrous and non-ferrous Metals. Established in 1978, we have been trading for 40 years. Ace Car Breakers serve locations all over Kent and South-East London. We are DVLA and Environmental Agency approved, so we hold an ATF and Waste Transfer License. At Ace Breakers we pride ourselves on our fast friendly reliable service. Giving you accurate FREE quotes!

“As as a business, our entire team is committed to ensuring and upholding client satisfaction, because of this we have many regular clients. We deal with all our clients direct, cutting out the middle man. We pay competitive prices for cars and scrap metals so we regularly update prices!” – Director, Ace Car Breakers

Ace Car Breakers is fully compliant. We are an End of Life vehicle Authorised Treatment Facility and registered waste carrier Our team have been professionally trained and educated on the legal and environmental aspects of ATFs and ELVs. Ace Car Breakers is Government and DVLA approved and to make it better we are 100% Environmentally friendly.

We pride ourselves in making sure our customers needs are 100% fulfilled. Our entire team is committed to ensuring and upholding client satisfaction. We deal with all our clients direct, cutting out the middle man. We pay competitive prices for cars, with a best price guarantee.

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Scrap car price
Scrap car price

Thursday 9th may – ACE BREAKERS & the environment 🌍♻️✅

Ace Car Breakers want our customers to know that responsible eco-friendly ATF registered company, Because of growing concerns regarding the amount of pollution and waste produced during the disposal of End-of-Life Vehicles, ace Car breakers take positive and responsible steps to ensure the effects of pollution on our environment are reduced. Our workplace complies with Government legislation regarding the safe collection, depollution, dismantling, storage and destruction of ELVs.

Ace Car Breakers is a fully compliant, licensed ATF, No. EAWML10095, and is licensed/registered to transport and store hazardous waste. Ace Car Breakers is a regulated ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) where ELVs are dismantled. We operate under an environmental permit in England and Wales (or waste management licence in Northern Ireland and Scotland) when dealing with scrap cars, vehicles and scrap metal. We must and do meet relevant standards in relation to the:
* storage and treatment of ELVs
* removal of hazardous liquids and components from ELVs (depollution)
* reuse, recycling or disposal of parts. Vehicles are regulated to limit the environmental impact of their disposal, by reducing the amount of waste created when they are scrapped. This is done through various measures of pepollution to encourage the recovery, reuse and recycling of metals, plastics and rubber.

The treatment process of a vehicle consists of removing all the hazardous materials such as oil, fuel and other fluids and disposing of them in the most environmentally safest way possible. We care about the environment and how the materials are recycled and as a result we continue to look for new methods of clean recycling. Contact us today for a FREE quote for your vehicle.

ELVs are classified as hazardous waste in England and Wales and special waste in Scotland until depolluted, and must be handled accordingly.
ATFs like us , issue certificates of destruction to confirm that individual ELVs have been processed in accordance with the regulations, at which point they are deregistered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Responsibility for enforcing the regulations is shared by the Department for the Environment, and the Office for Product Safety and Standards (Safety & Standards).
The End-of-life Vehicles Regulations 2003 and the End-of-life Vehicles Regulations 2005 are the underpinning legislation.

To read more about ATF’s and ELV legislation, please click the links below

Ace Car Breakers are Kents premier scrap metal Merchant. Through reuse and recycling Ace Car Breakers can reduce what waste goes to landfill and save enters used to produce new metal materials. While Ace Car breakers see a large quantity of metal from the trade industry, we also welcome home owners and other individuals. By bringing your scrap metal to us at Ace Car breakers you can make money and recycle materials legally and efficiently. If it’s metal it’s likely we’ll buy it. This includes all ferrous and non-ferrous materials in any volume, Ace Car breakers buy and sell millions of tons of scrap metal around the world every year, so even if you have very small quantities to sell, we can offer you great pricing.

Whatever form your scrap metal comes in, ferrous, non-ferrous, small or large volumes, aluminium, braziery, bronze, copper, brass, lead, tin, alloys, stainless steel, iron, cable, domestic scrap , factory scrap, construction/demolition, copper tanks, radiators, wire, turnings, pots and pans, scrap cars, catalytic converters, the list goes on ace car breakers buy it all.

As they scrap metal market prices fluctuate on a daily basis, ace car breakers update prices regularly. Unfortunately we cannot give cash for scrap metal, for more information click here.

contact us direct for more information 01322 383363

Scrap car price
Scrap car price

Friday 3rd May – Metal Merchant Cash Ban💸🚫💯

Ace Car Breakers are Kents premier End of Life vehicle Authorised treatment facility. We ensure all End of Life vehicles and scrap metals are scraped and recycled according to DVLA and Environment Agency guidelines. Due to this ace car breakers operates under the scrap metal dealers act; meaning that when dealing with scrap vehicles and scrap metal we DO NOT USE CASH.

On 1st October 2013 the government enforced a cash ban across the whole metal recycling industry in England and Wales. The scrap car and scrap metal industry is regulated in this way is a good thing for customers. This ban helps to ensure that scrap vehicles are disposed of using the most effective and safest methods, in the process reducing the viability of car theft by linking every sale to some physical, written proof. This is why – if no proof can be provided of both the money and vehicle changing hands – the transaction is incomplete in the eyes of the law and considered a criminal offence. There must always be a written record of the people, or parties, involved in the transaction and electronic proof of a transaction payment.As previously mentioned, the over-riding requirement is for payment methods to have traceability and a verifiable audit trail. As a result, a named cheque or written receipt for an electronic transfer of funds is preferable, linking payment to a readily identifiable account.To minimise the impact of this, Ace Car Breakers is offering its customer account holders a number of alternative methods of payment. To take advantage of this payment option the customer must set up an account with us. Customer accounts can be created at ace Car Breakers by giving some basic details to the team at the front office! Account holders will be issued with an Incendia payment Card which will be payed instantly on every visit, once you sign off your scrap metal receipt. This will ensure quick access to customer information and speed up waiting times at the weighbridge/ payment office. 

Going forward from the scrap metal act, we must link all scrap metal and scrap car money transfers with the customers ID.. You must bring a form of photographic identification with you if you would like to sell your scrap and set up an account.

The ID documents that we are able to accept are as follows:
Photo ID
* Valid UK photo driving licence
* Valid UK passport
* Valid UK biometric immigration document
* Valid EEA passport
* Valid EU National ID card
If your photo ID does not have a current address, it must be accompanied by:
Proof of address which must be less than 6 months old
* Bank or building society statement
* Credit or debit card statement
* Mortgage statement
* Council tax demand letter or statement
* Council rent book/Benefit book
* Council/Housing Association agreement
* HMRC correspondence
* TV licence
* Utility bill (not a mobile phone bill)
* Water bill

Contact us for more information or to set up an account 01322 383363

Thursday 2nd May – Our Scrap Battery Bank💯♻️

At Ace Car Breakers we operate a ‘Battery Bank’. 👊🏻 We pay for and recycle scrap acid lead batteries as well as other scrap ferrous and non ferrous metal. Our yard in swanscombe deals with scrap batteries in the non-ferrous shed. Please note that the scrap value for batteries and other metals changes regularly! – Contact us direct or pop down for an accurate quote on the day.

Scrap batteries contain a mixture of different materials as they are designed to fulfil their role as electrical conductors. Ace car breaker’s battery bank recycle scrap lead acid batteries, which as the name suggests, contain lead. These scrap batteries are the oldest type of battery and are more commonly known as car battery’s. Batteries of this type contain materials that are harmful to our environment. We are Environment Agency registered and as a result Ace Car Breakers take great care ensuring that all scrap batteries recycled are handled safety and correctly. At Ace Car Breakers we work to recycle scrap metal in an environmentally-friendly way as possible, while helping you to achieve the best price for your ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals.

To weigh in scrap batteries to our battery bank, scrap iron, scrap cars and vehicles or any other scrap metal at Ace Car Breakers, we will require photographic ID and proof of address! This can be your photo card driving license or your passport and a utility bill dated within the last 6 months with your current address.

We also offer a collection service for larger quantities of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal! Give us a call for more information 01322 383363

Scrap car price
Scrap car price

Wednesday 1st May – Skip & Roll on/off Bin Hire 💯

Ace Car Breakers are Kents premier Scrap Metal Merchant. We take pride in making sure we meet all our customers needs. This includes scrap metal skip and bin hire! Our skips are meant souly for scrap metal purposes. Ace Car Breakers are confident that we are the perfect option for your scrap metal skip hire! Whatever your requirements, you can rely on the Ace Car Breakers team to meet all your waste scrap metal skip and bin needs. We can offer the best competitive prices for scrap metal hire.
Our scrap metal skip hire service is now extremely easy to use!! We are updating the ace car breakers website to introduce a button that lets your book your scrap metal skip hire online straight away! Making the experience quicker and more efficient. Need a skip or bin today or want to know more information? Contact Jim on 01322 383363

We incorporate a large choice of different skip types including roll on/off bins. Our scrap metal skips can be used for a variety of scrap metal materials such as scrap iron, scrap car parts, steel, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin and many more. You can also use our skips for scrap acid lead battery’s. Contact Jim on 01322 for more information on battery skips..

Ace Car breakers provide scrap metal skips and roll on/off bins to locations all over Kent and south-east London.

Next time you need a scrap metal skip hire or roll on/off bin please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us her at Ace Car Breakers, Kents premier Scrap Metal Merchant.
Contact Jim direct for more information on 01322 383363 or email on

Tuesday 30th April – Ace Car Breakers recycling ♻️✅

Ace Car Breakers is a scrap metal dealer. We specialise in the recycling of scrap metal, scrap cars and other scrap vehicles. We work closely with the DVLA and environment agency to ensure our standards as an Authorised treatment facility (ATF) and scrap yard are kept at a high standard. Ace Car Breakers care about our environment and try to contribute as much as possible to keeping it clean!

Ace Car breakers recycle many scrap metals such as scrap cars and other vehicles, steel, scrap iron, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, tin and many more. We take pride in ensuring all scrap metal and scrap cars that pass Ace Car Breakers gates are properly and efficiently recycled. We use various methods to prepare our scrap metal for export such as; shearing the metal into smaller pieces, baling and compacting the metal, shredding cars and metal separation.

Did you know Ace Car Breakers included in the industry as a whole in Europe, recycle 7-8 million scrap vehicles each year! Because of this the scrap metal an ATF industry is highly regulated. Recycling just 1 Tonne of steel or scrap metal saves more then 80% emissions produced when making steel ore. As a business we export our scrap metal and scrap vehicles worldwide to be melted down and reused as metal for things like building work and machinery in the Far East.

Daily, Ace Car breakers ensure our scrap metal and scrap Vehicle facility is operated as eco friendly as possible. Ace Car Breakers abide by HSE, DVLA and EA guidelines and are proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s ATF facility’s.

Wants to know more about how scrap metal is recycled click the links below:

Want to know more information about Ace Car Breakers and how we operate our business. Why not get in touch with us direct 📞👊🏻

Scrap car price
Scrap car price

Scrap car prices

Best prices guaranteed for all scrap vehicles on 01322 383363. Ace breakers the only company that can issue a valid certificate of destruction

Alloy Wheels for sale many vehicles available

Pop down to the yard and look at our wide variety of alloy wheels catering for a large number of vehicles from aftermarkets to original equipment. We have sets as well as some individual items to replace your kerbed or pothole damaged alloys Ring us on 01322 383363 for price and availability

Scrap car price