Many of us have been there and it’s an all too common story. If you can relate to the headline of this article, you’ll no doubt be familiar with just how nerve-racking taking your car for an MOT can be, especially if it’s an older model and you’re concerned that it won’t last much longer.

Are the tyres a bit too close to the legal limit for comfort? What’s that big wet sticky black patch on the road just underneath the engine? Has the small patch of rust on the wheel arch spread like wildfire to the suspension underneath? And so it goes on…

Arrival at your local MOT garage

OK, so you’re all booked in for 9am, you arrive 10 minutes early just to create a good impression (as if that’s gonna help!), hand over your keys and take a seat in the waiting room, nervously flicking through the pages of the raggedy three-year-old copy of ‘What Car Magazine’ that’s wasting away on the old wooden table beside you.

The mechanic nips out front, jumps in your old banger and drives it onto the MOT ramp. You try and size the mechanic up through the glass window of the waiting room. Does he look like he’s having a bad day? Is he the generous sort who will be more lenient than most? Is the garage looking to fleece you and fail your car deliberately just so they can book your car in afterwards for work it doesn’t need?

The MOT inspection

The mechanic gets their ‘bulb-on-a-stick’ out, presses the lift button to raise the car up higher on the ramp and disappears underneath your car, waving their lamp around like it’s Harry Potter’s wand.

What will they find? A gaping hole in the floor? Loose wheel bearings? A faceful of engine oil perhaps? You see them ponder for a moment and scratch their chin. Whereas you’d expect them to move on to the next part of the test by now, they’re staying in that one spot to have a closer look while they decide the fate of your reliable runaround.

Gulp! It doesn’t look good… You try and second-guess what they’re thinking but it’s hopeless; you’ve no idea what they’re making of that particular area that’s under the scrutiny of their gaze right now. The cogs in your brain begin to whir and your eyes flit around nervously as a single bead of sweat appears on your forehead. You have to face the truth and resign yourself to the fact that’s there’s absolutely nothing you can do which will affect the outcome; your car will either pass or it won’t.

The verdict

The mechanic has finished their jiggling, prodding and testing and it’s time for the result. They let down the ramp and reverse your car back outside, jump out and saunter back towards the waiting room while glancing at the bits of paper they’re carrying in their hand. Your car’s fate is on that paper but their deadpan poker-face is expressionless and you still don’t know if your car has passed or failed.

They step inside the waiting room and go behind the counter, start humming quietly to themselves and casually press a few keys on the old and dirty keyboard on the desk. Then finally…finally, they look up, directly at you.

“Sorry, I’m afraid your car has failed its MOT”

AAARGH!!! you scream in your head to yourself (not out loud, obviously!). “What needs fixing and how much will it cost me?” you sheepishly ask the mechanic. They stare at you, blink once, say nothing and hand you the failure sheet. It’s not good news; there’s a list as long as your arm on that damn piece of useless paper. From rubber bush replacements to corroded suspension and rotting sills, it’s all there.

Facing reality

No more wishful thinking, no more hoping and praying – It’s brutally clear that your trusty metallic pet (that you even gave a cutesy name to) has finally bitten the dust. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to immediately grasp that the second-hand value of your car is now worth diddly squat. With a rye smile, the mechanic confirms your fear, quoting you for this and that as the cost of the repair skyrockets by the millisecond.

What next?

You can’t legally drive it, you’ve got little hope of selling your MOT-less rust bucket on eBay for any decent money, no car dealer in their right mind is going to want it as a trade-in and to make matters worse, it’s now stuck motionless outside your home.

Light at the end of the rusty tunnel

OK, keep calm and stop worrying; Ace Breakers can help bring a swift and painless end to your woes. Simply get an instant price for your defunct car by using our free, online scrap car quote generator. If you’re happy with the price, either choose the ‘collect’ or ‘drop’ option and you’re home and dry. If you’ve chosen us to collect the vehicle, we’ll agree a time and date with you and pay you a decent price too. You’ll now have some quick, extra cash to put towards your next purchase. Oh, and this time, don’t give it a cute name; it makes it that much harder to let go!

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