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If you have one or several scrap catalytic converters to sell and are looking for the best price in Kent, Essex or South East London, contact our expert valuers for the best price.
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What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter forms part of a modern road car’s (petrol and diesel) exhaust system. It contains several precious metals and its purpose is to make a vehicle’s emissions cleaner.

Best prices paid for catalytic converters – Expert grading system

Our team of expert valuers have the knowledge and experience to accurately grade every catalytic converter they see. Quality can vary enormously and whether the “cat” is an original or aftermarket version will affect the price.

How do I scrap my catalytic converter with Ace?

If you have a catalytic converter you’d like to sell, you can either bring it directly to us or send us a few images if you prefer.  If we inspect the unit firsthand, we’ll give you a guaranteed on-the-spot price there and then. If you send us an image, we’ll still be able to give you a price but this will be on the condition that the unit hasn’t been tampered with in any way. If you contact us during office hours, we’ll normally respond within 30 minutes.

Same day payment

If you accept our offer, you won’t have to wait as we’re happy to pay you the same day.

Scrap catalytic converter prices

These can vary enormously for several reasons. Common price factors include the make/model of vehicle, the current market value of the precious metal in the ‘cat’, whether it’s an original and whether it’s been tampered with.

Collection for multiple units

We’re happy to offer a free collection service if you have several units to sell. For example, you may own a garage/mechanic service and regularly collect used catalytic converters from your customers. If you regularly have catalytic converters to sell, get in touch and ask about our free collection service.

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If you live in Kent, Essex or South London, get in touch to find out how much your catalytic converter is worth


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