If you’ve recently used Ace Car Breakers to dispose of your old car or van, you’ll probably want to replace it with something a little newer. Like most people, you’ll obviously want to pay the lowest possible price and get the best deal. So, why spend extra money unnecessarily when you can save a small fortune by buying your car at a certain time of the year. The question is, is there really a better time of year to buy a car or are you likely to get the same value for money all year round?

Buying cheaper.. Is it really is possible?

Although we’ll pay you the same consistently high price for your ‘end of life vehicle’ (ELV) regardless of the time of year, you may think it’s a myth that you can buy a newer model for a lower price at certain times of the year. Well, is it really a myth or reality? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Yep, it’s true

It is, indeed, absolutely true. The cold hard facts are that you’re more likely to have more negotiation ‘wiggle room’ during the summer months or at the end of the year. Also, remember to watch out for end-of-series models that are often sold out cheaper by car dealers. As always, the keyword for doing good business is patience.

The end of the year, a good time to negotiate discounts

One of the ways to save money when buying your replacement vehicle for the best price is to go to a dealership at the end of the year, that is, from mid-November onwards. Why? Because this is the time when salespeople seek to increase sales to achieve their annual targets (and thus be paid the bonuses that go with it). It’s also a period when brands compete with each other for promotions to increase their annual turnover figures.

End of the month or summer holidays

Your negotiating margin will also be optimized if you buy your vehicle at the end of the month or during the long, lazy summer months. Every time dealers have to report their sales figures, they’ll be keen to conclude some additional last-minute transactions to their books. Once again, this also applies to the sales staff you’ll be greeted with, who often have either seasonal or monthly targets to hit.

Summertime in general

Another well-known (and effective) technique is to go to a dealership during the peak summer periods of the year; it’s only natural (when customers are scarce) that salespeople are most tempted to get the consumer’s attention by offering big discounts on vehicles or accessories. During summer, particularly the summer holidays, people are spending their free time enjoying the warmer weather rather than shopping for a new car. Your nearest beach or the local garden centre will be busier, your local car dealer… less so.

Offers and special series deals

To get good deals, stay up to date with automotive news platforms,e.g. What Car Magazine. If you do, you’ll know which models will soon be replaced or which versions will no longer be sold. Car brands, and their dealerships, will then be particularly open to negotiation to sell these discontinued products which may otherwise prove difficult to sell later on. If buying a state-of-the-art model isn’t a priority for you, targeting these types of vehicles is an excellent strategic card to play.

Also, stay tuned for limited series offers. Some of them, although over-equipped, will help you benefit from a customer advantage of up to several thousand pounds compared to the “classic” model. Although this may not save you money when buying new, you’re more likely to reap the benefits when you decide it’s time to sell it. In other words, higher-spec models attain a higher resale price than their basic model counterparts.

Finally, at events that draw throngs of potential new buyers to them (such as Motor Shows), many manufacturers unveil special offers to promote their brands. Just be aware that these offers are quite often time-limited so you’ll have to strike while the iron’s hot. One last tip is to subscribe to the newsletters and follow the social networks of your favourite manufacturers as this is often where they’ll announce their special deals first.


To summarise, negotiating at the right time of the year can often get you significant discounts (ranging from 5 to 15% of the original manufacturer’s price). Make sure you do your market research and keep your finger on car market pulse to find the best deals while taking into account all that we’ve mentioned above.

Happy car hunting!

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