Running a vehicle is fairly essential in the modern world, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cheap venture. Modern technology has meant that the latest car models may be advanced and offer an amazing driving experience but the cost of maintaining and repairing them has also dramatically increased. If your car has broken down or requires a replacement part, you could be looking at a costly bill.

It isn’t too surprising, then, that more consumers are looking at the possibility of using second-hand car parts rather than brand new ones to replace broken ones and repair their vehicles. When it comes to finding used car parts, a breakers yard is the ideal solution.

What Are Car Breakers?

Sometimes called a scrapyard, a breakers yard is a place where broken vehicles are brought. Often, cars that have been written off, involved in a major accident, or just uneconomical, will be sold to car breakers as well as vehicles that are deemed to be beyond repair. Motorists who visit a car breakers can buy many of a vehicle’s remaining working parts, including the tyres and battery after it’s been disassembled. After various other components have been salvaged (such as aluminium and copper wiring) the remaining carcass will then be crushed and sold by them as scrap metal.

An Affordable Solution For Car Repairs

When you go to a breakers yard to find second-hand car parts you’ll be able to obtain the component that you need at a far more affordable price than obtaining a new one. Of course, some parts shouldn’t be bought second hand – for example, brake discs (unless they’re in good condition) which wear down with time – however, in many cases, used components will be able to save you money.

Costing just a fraction of the price of a newly manufactured part, second-hand car parts from a breakers yard can often still be in excellent condition. Some vehicles that are brought to scrapyards are relatively new and have experienced minimal damage, and this means their working parts will have several years of useful life left in them.

Nowadays, most scrapyards remove the components for you so there’s no need for the customer to attempt to do it themselves. This will still be cheaper than approaching a dealership for a newly manufactured component, and you won’t get your hands dirty either.

A Greater Choice Of Second Hand Car Parts

Breakers yards take in an enormous variety of vehicles each year, and that means you’ll have a good chance of finding the high-quality parts that you need for your own vehicle repairs. They are an especially useful resource if you have an older or discontinued vehicle model that you’re struggling to get new or used parts for.

Furthermore, when you take your vehicle to a local garage or mainstream car dealership, you’ll be stuck with the stock parts your mechanic has decided to use which may not always be the type of component you’d prefer to have in your car. Using a car breakers yard to obtain your spare parts allows you extra freedom to select the precise components you desire for your car.

While there are some part which cannot be switched out, you’re sure to find that others will adapt easily to a different car without any problems. Radios, mirrors and bumpers/fenders are just some of the parts which can give you the chance to customise your car to your exact specifications.

Doing Your Bit For The Environment

Another reason to consider going to a breakers yard to obtain second-hand parts to repair your car is the benefit that it can bring to the environment. You won’t just be able to get used components at a more affordable price, you’ll also be doing your bit for the world around us too. When a car is scrapped, it becomes part of today’s increasing landfill problem.

Breakers yards help to stop landfills from getting out of control by helping to recycle more reusable waste. If you buy second-hand car parts from a breakers yard, you’ll also be reducing the requirement for more new components to be manufactured, and this too saves on environmental resources, cutting the pollution caused by making those parts and reducing your carbon footprint.

Essentially, it’s easy to see why buying used car parts second hand from your local car breakers is a great idea. Not only will you be saving yourself money, you’ll be protecting the environment and giving yourself an even wider choice of components that can help you create your own stylish and customised vehicle.

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