If you’ve been hunting around the internet looking for the best price for your old motor, you’ve no doubt submitted your vehicle details to quite a few different companies. Like us, some of them use an instant pricing method that’s able to recognise your make and model simply by submitting your car’s registration number, whereas others require you to email them directly. They’ll then email you back their price. Whichever it is, the vast majority of them don’t take into account whether or not your car has alloy wheels.

Why we pay more for alloys

As their name suggests, alloy wheels are made of a combination of different metals. These are often non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and magnesium (hence the colloquial term “mag wheels”).

So, because the materials alloy wheels are comprised of fetches a higher scrap metal price than, say, iron or steel, they’re worth more money per tonne than much of the rest of the car – with the obvious exception of the catalytic converter, which contains ‘precious metals’ like platinum and rhodium.

£10 extra

Unlike most scrap car companies, we take this into account and will pay you an additional £10 if your car has alloy wheels. Not only that, we already offer some of the highest prices for scrap vehicles in the whole of the UK so, if your car has alloys, you’ll be getting the very best bang for your buck when you scrap your vehicle with Ace.

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