With Halloween approaching, we thought it would be interesting to research some spooky car stories. Here’s a tale that’s guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

It’s not that uncommon for police to receive calls from members of the public reporting a car that’s swerved off the road into a ditch. And, this is exactly what happened in 2002 shortly before Christmas on a dark and chilly December night in Surrey. According to an article that appeared on the Surrey Live website, police received what was described as a “frenzy of calls” around 7:20 P.M on December 11th about a car with blazing headlights swerving sharply off the road and careering down the verge around 100 metres before an emergency slip road of the A3 at Burpham.

No evidence of a crash

Upon arrival, the police couldn’t find any signs of tyre marks on the road or broken/disturbed foliage where the car had reportedly left the carriageway. They were also unable to find any sign of the car further down the slope where it should have been easily visible. As it was dark and nothing had been found, an additional search was ordered the next day. Again, no car was immediately seen.

A grim discovery

Officers widened their search to the general vicinity where they quickly made a grisly discovery around 20 metres from the original reported location. Buried under a mountain of undergrowth was a maroon Vauxhall Astra. The problem was that it certainly didn’t appear to have got there recently. In fact, it looked like it had been there for months rather than hours. And that wasn’t all; a badly decomposed body was found halfway up the steep slope that led back to the road.

The strange and mysterious incident is compounded by other odd circumstances surrounding the event. It was later confirmed by dental records that the driver was 21-year-old Christopher Chandler from Middlesex who was on the run from the Met. Police because he was a suspect in a robbery. Police had been looking for him since July of the same year but he had completely vanished without a trace around that time.

Unexplained disappearance

This tied in with the decomposed state of the body and the fact that mobile phone records showed he had used his phone around the same time to call his brother. The call only lasted for less than one second before it disconnected and it’s unclear whether this happened at the time of his death. His last known whereabouts were when he was out drinking with friends in the Hounslow area of west London. Inexplicably, he then decided to leave the area soon afterwards and was reported as missing when he didn’t return. Oddly though, he never informed anyone why he suddenly decided to drive to Surrey and as such, no one knew where to start looking for him,

When his body was found, it was apparent that he had suffered severe injuries in the crash and had most likely crawled out of the passenger door due to the extensive damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle – He never made it to the top of the embankment.

Final thoughts

In short, it was only because of the reports of a car veering off the road at the exact same spot that meant Christopher Chandler could finally be laid to rest, despite no real incident actually taking place that night.

This bizarre story, which was also reported in The Sun, Daily Mail and Telegraph is now firmly rooted in Surrey folklore and to this day, no explanation can be found for the mysterious events of that cold December night back in 2002.

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